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Alana's milky white milkers

Featuring: Alana Anderson
Date: April 13th, 2017
Duration: 19:24
When we asked Alana Anderson if tit-fucking was a regular part of her sex life, her answer astounded us. "No," she said. "but that is only because no boyfriend has been interested in tit-fucking me, although if one wanted to, I would be happy to let him." Incredible. I mean, Alana doesn't have the biggest tits of any SCORE Girl I've seen, but place her in the average room or the average shopping mall and heads will turn. The girl's tits are comparatively huge, and it's amazing that no man has ever asked to fuck them. "It seems to me a good form of birth control!" Alana said of tit-fucking. "I guess since I have never been tit-fucked, that makes them virgin tits. Can you believe that? Oh, yeah, did I mention that since they have milk, they're warmer, so I'm sure that would be a plus." Fucking Alana's big, warm tits..I can't think of a more enjoyable way to spend an afternoon or evening. And since she was lactating when this scene was shot, you could enjoy the added experience of having Alana squirt milk all over your cock while you're squirting your cream all over her tits. Boggles the mind.

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