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Featuring: Alana Lace and Mirko Steel
Date: April 18th, 2017
Duration: 16:44
There may be a time to lift weights, but there is always time to lift heavy tits. Mirko is doing curls with a hand weight. Alana Lace is watching him. She wants dick and throws herself at him. Alana is wearing a low-cut top. Her huge boobs could fall out at any moment. Her tits are perfect for a guy's cock. While I'm watching this, I'm thinking, "Put the god-dammned weight down and suck those big nipples hard." I start to get antsy when a porn dude in a video isn't immediately going berserk over girls like this. Alana shoves her tits in Mirko's face to kick-start him. "My pussy's wet for you," Alana says.

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