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Alyssa Lynn and the peeper

Featuring: Alyssa Lynn and Rocky
Date: June 5th, 2017
Duration: 25:35
When this scene opens, beautiful, ultra-slim and super-stacked Alyssa Lynn tells a story about her boyfriend's friend peeping through her window. "Scared me for a second," she recalled, "but I took advantage of it." She teased him. Then she walked to the window "to torture him more. I think he was startled but happy at the same time." Then she let him in. "And one thing led to another. I think he was happy to see my twins." Her tits, of course. "I think you know what happened next." Here, Rocky peeks through Alyssa's bedroom window and sees her wearing a dress that's so low-cut, you can see her nipples, and so high, you can almost see her pussy. When she catches him, she walks over to the window and presses her tits against the glass. And, because she's a pleaser as well as a teaser, Alyssa invites him her bedroom and her pussy. Elliot asked this hot stripper, "Did filming sex at SCORE change you in any way?" And Alyssa said, "Yes, in a good way.

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