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The lady in red with big tits & a toy

Featuring: Amber Lynn Bach
Duration: 19:21
Before going to the pro studios, Florida mom Amber Lynn Bach had been doing hot videos at home since 2004 and, before that, in 2002, Amber was a stripper at some of the clubs in the Sunshine State. I regret not seeing her on-stage so I could have placed cash in her G-string. We did somewhat replicate that in a strip club shoot that turned into a fuck dance. She made for a very horny-looking stripper. With her fuck-me face, big tits and great body, Amber could wear a flour sack and look sexy. "I have a shoe fetish and a Barbie fetish," said Amber, who does have a mature Barbie look to her. Bigger than any flesh and blood dick she's taken in her XXX scenes, this black fuck toy has a hand-bulb attached so Amber can pump it up and make it even bigger. Amber's not a giant-toy freak like Naughty Alysha. "I'm glad you can get to watch me try it," Amber says. She licks her pussy juice off the fake phallus, adding that extra touch of, "I shouldn't be doing this." Why is a woman licking her cunt juices off a sex toy so over the top? "I don't think I'm a cougar yet," Amber said.

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