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Cream Me, says Amber Lynn Bach

Featuring: Amber Lynn Bach and Al B
Date: December 22nd, 2016
Duration: 23:23
Amber Lynn Bach was a sexy, busty MILF before MILFs were in. I know it's hard to imagine that there was such a time, but it used to be that if a young guy liked mature women, he kind of had to keep it to himself. Which is odd because even before American Pie, there were several movies, including The Graduate and Summer of '42, in which young guys had the hots for much older women. So the trend really isn't new if you think about it. The thing about Amber Lynn is that she doesn't look her age, so she doesn't exactly fit into the mature category. Our members of and have a thing for wrinkled hands and faces, and Amber Lynn doesn't have either of those. What she does have, of course, are big, firm tits. Amber Lynn lives in Central Florida. She was a stripper before she got into porn. She's also a nudist.

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