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Massage therapy

Duration: 19:18
When she debuted, Brittany Kendall inspired me to write, "Brittany Kendall is a rookie cookie from San Diego, California, and if she looks like a pink and blonde beach bunny, it's because she is. This is Brittany's first time on-camera, and she's losing her video virginity right away because many of today's newbies go right for the cock instead of starting with striptease or masturbation videos." I'd like to add that if I were a talent agent, the kind of guy who wears a straw hat and has a porn mustache, I'd say to a client like Brittany Kendall, "Hold ya horses, little lady. Start slow and make it last." However, I'm not an agent, and our goal is help make everyone's experience, both models and readers, a very happy one with a happy ending. Brittany was a dancer and was brand new. Tony was very happy, too. Extremely happy. He got to cum in Brittany's face after dicking her pink taco. This is a massage scene. Brittany needs some macho TLC to bust her stress out. Tony is always ready for the task of making buxom young flowers feel good and relaxed.

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