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The Real Brittany O'Neil: Sex Star!

Featuring: Brittany O'Neil and Talon
Duration: 25:59
I once wrote, "Who is Brittany O'Neil? Shy girl? Or slut? Glamour girl? Or porn star? Well, Brittany would ask why she can't be all of those things: a shy girl in her personal life, a sexy slut when she's in front of the camera. A beautiful, glamorous, blonde showgirl..who just happens to fuck and suck in porn films such as SCORE Xtra #10. And do it very well." Brittany takes us back to the slim 'n' stacked '90s, when super-stacked strippers were everywhere. They helped make SCORE what it is today. She debuted in the June '93 issue of SCORE, and it's a tribute to her superstar status and lasting beauty and sexuality that she's still shooting for us today. I'd call Brittany a MILF, but that seems to give the indication that she's hot because she's mature. No. Brittany is hot because she's hot. As for that superstar status, about a year ago, Ivan, one of our youngest studs, showed up at the studio for a shoot, and when he found out that the girl he'd be having sex with was Brittany, he almost passed out. I've never seen a stud so excited about fucking a model.

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