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Tits, tugs and blow job

Featuring: Chantal Raye and Johnny Champ
Date: January 30th, 2018
Duration: 21:28
Pretty Chantal Raye contacted looking to get her freak on and become an adult model. I thought Chantal was awesome. After that initial foray with SCORE, Chantal totally dropped off the boob radar. She didn't turn up in some shitty videos shot in some dude's apartment or at some other studio. Sometimes girls contact us months or even years later wanting to come back, but that has not been the case with Chantal. In this P.O.V. video, Chantal jacks Champ's dick, tit-bangs and blows it. She tends it, she bends it, she mends it. I rate this scene very highly. It's fairly lengthy at almost 22 minutes, longer than many fuck videos.

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