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Claudia's office bust out

Featuring: Claudia KeAloha and J Mac
Date: July 20th, 2016
Duration: 31:38
In this scene, Claudia KeAloha is an office manager, which I can kinda believe, and she's wearing a tube top that doesn't hide much of her big tits and a short skirt. You'd figure her big tits would be a big distraction to her employees, and you'd be right. One of those employees is JMac. Anyway, Claudia is upset because she has a big project due and her data-entry team was given an early lunch. Claudia goes to the department to chew out JMac, the team leader. She really dresses him down. She even yells at him about his clothing, which is pretty amazing considering what Claudia is wearing. I mean, he's dressed like a slob, but she's dressed for a strip club. When Claudia leaves, JMac tells his co-worker, "She's a bitch but nice tits. I'd love to blow a load on her." Claudia overhears this, returns and gives him what he wants, right there in the office.

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