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Claudia Marie's mega-tit, mega-bra show

Featuring: Claudia Marie
Date: April 25th, 2018
Duration: 14:41
For her first appearance at SCORELAND2, super MILF Claudia Marie puts on a bra show, which is appropriate because she has some of the biggest tits you'll ever see. None of the bras Claudia tries on can contain her whoppers, but that's okay because it's fun to watch her jiggle and sway and try to stuff her mams into those boulder holders. Finally, Claudia gives up on the bras and deep-fingers her pussy while tugging on her giant tits. Claudia Marie is one of the big names in big tits. "I've been doing this for seven years," she said, "but I still get extremely nervous every time I walk on-set. You're walking in, and most of these guys you haven't even talked to on the phone. You're seeing people you never met before and getting butt naked and fixin' to have sex in front of a bunch of strangers. And I'm not 18 anymore, and it's extremely nerve-wracking." Yes, she does fuck on-camera, something you'll see soon. "There isn't a dick in this world that's going to scare me," she said. A self-described "big-tit porn whore," Claudia has a big butt, too.

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