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Nyx clicks with hard dix

Featuring: Harlow Nyx and Tony Rubino
Date: March 31st, 2017
Duration: 20:10
"I don't really want to get to know you," Harlow Nyx says to Tony Rubino, eye-banging him. "I just wanna fuck." I hope Tony appreciated that. It's refreshing to hear a girl say that, especially a girl built like Harlow. The only thing Harlow doesn't get is a tongue in her cunt. Dave talked to Harlow the first time she came to SCORE, and the cunt word came up. Harlow: I asked one of the guys yesterday, "Can I say 'fuck'?" because I say fuck a lot. SCORELAND: Why can't you say fuck? Harlow: I don't know. SCORELAND: Okay, your favorite word for a guy's penis. Harlow: Cock. SCORELAND: A woman's genitals? Harlow: Pussy.

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