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Jenna's bikini tryouts

Featuring: Jenna Jayden
Date: January 5th, 2017
Duration: 16:52
"I'm a 38H," says strapping stripper and occasional Bunny Ranch and Love Ranch Girl Jenna Jayden, an Ohio native. "I'm proud of them. I love my tits, and not a day goes by that a guy doesn't compliment me on my chest. I've seen men checking me out trip over their own feet. I'm definitely a girl who feeds on attention." In this scene, Jenna checks out bikinis at poolside. Jenna talks about the first bikini she tries on. "It shows my big-ass titties, like they should, right? This is what I'd wear at the beach." The bikinis are skimpy and the tops can't contain her giant tits. They're just not designed for girls this busty unless they're glued on, and that's not going to work. Jenna tries on two more suits, takes the plunge into the pool and then heads indoors for more privacy to give herself an auto-fuck. Jenna's done porn scenes only for SCORE.

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