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Inside Kali's ass

Featuring: Kali West and John Strange
Date: August 15th, 2017
Duration: 33:16
The fact that Kali West gave some guy a blow job while I was sitting a foot away and didn't offer to give me a blow job did not at all influence the way I feel about her. I appreciated the fact that this pretty girl-next-door was willing to suck some guy's dick in my presence. I didn't feel cuckolded because I've never gone out with Kali, let alone gotten married to her. So it was okay. I did not feel left out. My cock did but not the rest of me. That scene was for the DVD SCOREtv Uncut & Uncensored. The scene you're about to see was her first on-camera anal. Kali doing anal came as a big surprise to me because of the following conversation I'd had with her: Me: Have you done anal? Kali: No. Me: Plan to? Kali: No.

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