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A creampie for Katarina

Featuring: Katarina Dubrova and David
Date: October 4th, 2016
Duration: 23:49
It's not unusual to see beautiful, busty girls fucking on-camera, but beautiful, busty girls who look as sweet and innocent as Katarina Dubrova and fuck on-camera are a rarity. I think that accounts for at least part of Katarina's appeal (the other parts having to do with the fact that she's busty and beautiful). She doesn't look the part of the porn slut, yet here she is, sucking and fucking a hard cock and letting the stud shoot his load inside her sweet pussy. Elliot put it best: "Katarina is a natural at doing the hump and pump and she needs no enticing to get her stunt cock to drill her..until his load of nut batter launches deep inside her pussy hole. With his cock still inside her, she caresses his bag to get all of that guy juice. When he withdraws, Katarina squeezes and the guy-goo pours out of her snatcheroo to her deep satisfaction." As for Katarina being sweet and innocent, the sweet is true, the innocent is a mirage. Right now, you can see her pregnant and fucking at SCORELAND, and I'm not talking about barely pregnant. I'm talking about eight months along, almost ready to drop. That pregnant. And to think that I knew her back when she was just giving tug jobs.

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