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Linsey, Veronika & Mr. Trousersnake

Featuring: Linsey Dawn McKenzie, Veronika, and Rob
Duration: 28:23
The first time I interviewed Linsey Dawn McKenzie was in 2001. Linsey had just gotten married, and Elliot James and I sat in SCORE chief John Fox's office interviewing Linsey and her new hubby over the phone. Many of us were concerned that Linsey's marriage would mean the end of her modeling career, but towards the end of the interview, she told us "I'm still Linsey Dawn McKenzie and things are really going to heat up now." Before long, Linsey was fucking on-camera for the first time with her new hubby. The second time I interviewed Linsey, the setting was a lot more intimate. The interview took place in a bathtub in the SCORE Studio. Linsey was in the tub. Unfortunately for me (but fortunately for viewers), I wasn't. This was in 2002, shortly after Linsey's first boy-girl, which was a huge hit, one of our best-selling movies ever (I think the video was at No. 1 on our Top 10 list for about a year and on the list for several more years). Now, I have to tell you, I was having a hard time concentrating on my questions with Linsey sitting in a tub with her big naturals floating in the water.

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