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Marie Leone, bikini buster

Featuring: Marie Leone
Date: September 22nd, 2016
Duration: 14:35
Marie Leone has a babydoll voice and giant, natural tits. That's a winning combination for a lot of guys, including me. I could probably research this further and find out why, but I'd rather not. Marie also has scorching-hot anal sex on-camera. And her tits keep growing. Check out some of her latest stuff at SCORELAND. But first, check out Marie busting out of a bikini and getting her tits and ultra-pink pussy wet. Question: Do black girls have pinker pussies than white girls? Or is it the contrast that makes their pussies look pinker? I have often pondered that question, and there's really no answer, although I guess I could isolate a photo of a black girl's pussy and a photo of a white girl's pussy and see which is pinker. Then we'd get contrast out of the mix. Anyway..

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