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Boob Dreams

Featuring: Maya Milano
Date: July 10th, 2017
Duration: 15:31
Maya Milano is stacked and from Ukraine. Funny. Seems as if the words "stacked" and "Ukraine" have been coming up a lot lately. Ukraine and Romania should be high on any big-boob-loving tourist's list. I have no idea what the countries look like, but I do have an idea of what the local girls look like: naturally stacked. (Maya did tell us she's from a city with a lot of historical sights). "I was the girl at school with the biggest breasts, but there are many voluptuous girls in Ukraine, you know," G-cup Maya confirmed. "Very few will model nude. There is just not the opportunity and there are not many photographers for this." Excerpts from Elliot's interview with Maya. Her English was better than his non-existent Ukrainian.

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