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Slim n stacked marvel Merilyn Sakova: Worth the trip

Merilyn Sakova is a great model and one of the rare genetic marvels SCORE is always looking for. But there was a catch to photographing Merilyn, and it was a major challenge. She lives in the Ukraine, and that's not the easiest nation in the world to travel to, especially for photographing models. Another challenge for SCORE is that Ukrainians can have a lengthy wait for a visa to travel to another country. And lengthy can mean a real long time. Sometimes they can't get one at all. So setting up a Merilyn shoot is very laborious and expensive. It means we have to go to her. Our first trip to photograph Merilyn in the Ukraine was in 2005, and it was well worth the effort. I remember the excitement her first photos in the September '05 SCORE generated.

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Featuring: Merilyn Sakova in 09:58 mins of Solo
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548 days ago
Merilyn, you are such a gorgeous girl. With your sensational big boobs, and looks, wow..what a babe..xo
881 days ago
Someone should convince her to immigrate to Miami. I'll chip in.
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