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Michelle's melons

Featuring: Michelle Bond
Date: June 28th, 2017
Duration: 18:08
The relationship between big tits and fruit is pretty obvious. Big tits are often called melons or watermelons or cantaloupes. British babe Michelle Bond has giant F-cup naturals, but you can also say she has huge, juicy melons. When you really think about it, big tits aren't juicy because, unless the bearer is pregnant, they don't produce any kind of juice. But they're ripe and plump, just like melons. Elliot once described this video, in which Michelle holds various fruits next to her luscious, delicious tits, as "highly educational." I think he was being facetious. The only thing we learn is that Michelle's tits are as big as melons. They weren't always. Back in the early 2000s, when Michelle started modeling for SCORE and Voluptuous, her tits were big but not huge. But she matured and her tits matured with her.

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