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Smoke That Salami

Featuring: Rachel Love and J.T.
Duration: 16:12
Who doesn't love a big titted hooker with a heart of gold. What about a big titted hooker with a heart of gold who smokes cigarettes? Rachel Love is high above the Miami skyline to get fucked by her trick. Thoughtfully, she doesn't smoke while she's getting drilled by a big dick but she does smoke his salami. Rachel talked about the taste of pussy, specifically her own pussy. "Not all pussies are the same. It depends on whether a girl takes care of herself. But after the cock has been in my pussy for a while, I love to taste my pussy off his cock, then put that cock back inside. Rough it up again until I get so happy, I'm going to end up squirting on it." Rachel's made loads of XXX videos in Los Angeles. With SCORE guys, she's probably best known for Mamazon The Movie, playing one of the jungle girls who fuck a group of explorers. "I pick and choose different shoots that I want to do and certain companies that I like working for, and for some reason, you guys always have big fuckers.

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