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Why we love Rebecca Love

Featuring: Rebecca Love and Anthony Rosano
Date: February 14th, 2018
Duration: 25:15
When I interviewed Rebecca Love, she had her legs behind her head for a good portion of the interview. Her open, pink pussy and beckoning asshole were in my line of sight the whole time. Sometimes people say to me, "Dave, how do you hold it together when you're interviewing these girls?" Well, if they mean, "How do you keep from whipping out your cock and fucking them on the spot?" the answer is that I try to be a professional. I'm there to do a job. The studs are there to do the other part of the job. But the fact is, I don't hold it together. I'm sitting there wanting to fuck them on the spot. Rebecca especially. She was so cute but so nasty, so matter-of-fact about sitting there having a discussion while her fuck holes were on display for all the world--including me--to see. I have no recollection of what she said in that interview.

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