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Red Vixen's first XXX

Featuring: Red Vixen and Tony D'Sergio
Date: June 29th, 2017
Duration: 30:38
Dave mentioned that Shelby Gibson is a SCORE WILF (a wife I'd like to fuck). So is Red Vixen, a creamy, ivory-skinned redhead from California who began by posing for her husband. She moved on to amateur photo shoots with guys who are camera buffs. They have jobs unrelated to photography and just like to snap girls as a hobby, usually on weekends. I once wrote about amateur photographers. There are camera clubs in every town, or used to be, and there was even a publication dedicated to it years back called Western Photographer. A lot of their work is excellent, even better than the so-called pros'. Red talked about her progression to SCORE and her first XXX. "My husband made me see that I was sexy, that I wasn't just an 18-year-old with boobs. I think it was then that I really blossomed the most, then one day he just started taking pictures of me, just sexy stuff.

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