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As nasty as I wanna be!

Featuring: Sabrina Linn and J Mac
Date: June 26th, 2017
Duration: 26:43
"I'm a mom. I'm a really good girl in the community. I'm a very wonderful, fun and good little girl who does everything proper and a crazy girl who does everything freaky and wild and does my own thing." So said slim 'n' stacked GG-cupper Sabrina Linn when she arrived in our studio. I saw both sides of this naughty-but-nice (or is that nice-but-naughty?) mom from Texas within a half hour after meeting her. The nice side: Sabrina telling me about her life and swinging lifestyle, speaking as politely as could be in her soft, girly voice. Very ladylike, even when telling me that she'd been a swinger for 20 years and that she's a sex-toy junkie. Sweet as could be. You could bring her home to meet the parents, even with all of those tattoos and piercings. The naughty side: Moments after our interview ended, I was about to leave the studio when I looked over to where Sabrina was still sitting..and saw her sucking off the male stud she was about to have sex with. The cameras weren't rolling.

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