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Goin' Greek style

Featuring: Sandra Star and Matt Ice
Date: November 24th, 2017
Duration: 21:45
I used to get coffee and breakfast at an old-school Greek deli. The countermen were a rambunctious bunch, either ogling women or cursing each other. One morning, one of them, praising a customer's shapely ass after she left, blurted out, "De Greek style is the best!" He would have worshiped the ground Sandra Star walked on. When it comes to the art and sport of sex, she is at the top of the game. Sandra's a SCORE discovery, found by the editor of Hot SCORE, our German edition. He called our office in Miami about Sandra. She won the Miss Hot SCORE contest. Sandra's look has changed since then. Her tits are bigger, her hair is blonder, her overall look is much more sophisticated. When we first made arrangements to film her, she didn't want to speak lines, either in English or German, and preferred to be submissive.

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