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May 31st, 2013
So Sara Jay walks into the SCORELAND studio one morning and says, "Sorry I'm late. My boyfriend was fucking my throat." You gotta love a girl like this, one who is not only great at giving blow jobs but is proud of her ability and shouts it out to the world. SORRY I'M LATE! I WAS GETTING THROAT-FUCKED! If memory serves, her voice was a little hoarse that morning. Sara Jay is one of the sluttiest women on the face of the Earth. And I mean that with great admiration. After she shot this scene for SCORE she wrote on her website, "Apparently, SCORE thinks I make a good stripper. I did a hot stripper scene with Colton Jag. He picked me up on the street where I was doing my best streetwalker impression, and then he took me back to his garage where he fucked me like I was worth a million dollars! It was hot and very dirty! He was awesome. I was very happy to have him fill up my cunt. I discovered that there was so much good dick in Florida, no wonder it is shaped like a penis!" You gotta love a girl who uses a word like "cunt" without any prodding.
Featuring: Sara Jay in 21:45 mins of XXX.
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