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There's nobody like Sha

Featuring: Sha Rizel
Date: June 26th, 2018
Duration: 10:41
Sha Rizel from Ukraine is one of the most-unusual SCORE Girls ever. She might be the most-unusual, and I'll tell you why. The September 2018 issue of SCORE recently went on-sale at It's our first "Rack To The Future" issue; the theme is girls of the present who are similar in some way to girls of the past. We weren't looking for direct comparisons; we were looking for striking similarities. Sha fits into the super-slim 'n' naturally stacked category, but when we foraged through SCORE's past, we realized that although there had been girls who were similar to her, only Sharday, Devon Daniels, Hitomi, Venera and Merilyn Sakova can come close to being as super-slim 'n' stacked as she is, and even they come up a little short. Put it this way: Sha would be thin for a girl with A-cups, but has big, juicy hangers. "My breasts began to get very big at 17, 18 years old," beautiful Sha said. "It happened very suddenly. They seem to get bigger every two months and they're still growing.

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