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Hard workout for a busty hard body

Featuring: Shay Fox
Date: August 25th, 2016
Duration: 12:02
"When I turned 36, I started lifting weights and going to the gym," said busty hard body Shay Fox, who, here, shows us her workout routine. "When I was younger, I really wasn't athletic. I was blessed with good genes and didn't have to do anything. As I got older, I had to start watching what I ate and working out a little bit more. When I was young, I drank and partied all night. I never smoked, but I wasn't good to my body. And then I went through a really bad breakup and I focused more on taking better care of myself and working out, then I did my first fitness show, and I had no business being onstage at that time. I was nowhere near ready in comparison to everybody else, but you have to start somewhere. I've done nine shows since then, and I've done pretty well." Shay also does very well at showing off her big tits and tight pussy and getting fucked on-camera. "I started when I was 40, so I was in my sexual prime.

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