Big Boob videos » Warm night cream for the creamy skin of Siri

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Warm night cream for the creamy skin of Siri

Featuring: Siri and Al B
Date: March 14th, 2017
Duration: 26:53
Siri is a SCORE wife in the style of Shelby Gibson and Kelly Christiansen. "I am married," Siri told us. "My husband and I are swingers. I have been in open and very experimental relationships for years." While Shelby and Kelly tried adult action for a relatively short time and disappeared, Siri did much more before calling it a day. Her Nordic looks, white, creamy skin, flawless body and natural tits made her a huge favorite at SCORE. I was really sorry to see her move on. While she no longer has sex on-camera, Siri still has an active presence on the web selling products, Tweeting and blogging. Siri is one of the few models who actively campaigns against Internet piracy and calls out people who watch stolen porn. That's rattled a lot of guys who download or stream stolen videos and then feel guilty when they get called out, knowing they have contributed to financially hurting models like Siri. Siri has an alter-ego in the cosplay world as the super heroine "Power Girl." She looks great in her body-hugging costume, exactly like a comic book painting come to life.

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