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A Butthole boning for the busty stripper

Featuring: Stephanie Stalls and Rocky
Date: January 23rd, 2017
Duration: 23:10
"I have a high sex drive," Stephanie Stalls said. "I love fucking. Sometimes I want somebody to take charge and really hammer me in bed. I've had boyfriends and I'm pretty monogamous. I'm not a ho! Of course, I enjoy sex, but what girl doesn't?" Rocky spanks Stephanie and reddens her butt cheeks. He spreads the cheeks apart so he can examine her asshole. Stephanie treats him to an under-the-bra tit-fuck and power sucks him. Rocky has a line of bumps on the topside of his cock. These are beads inserted under the skin with the goal of giving a partner more stimulation. The effect is supposed to be similar to a studded condom.

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