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The Real Susie Wilden

By Dave Rosenbaum
Big-boob models in the United Kingdom are not like big-boob models in the United States (or anywhere else, for that matter). For one, they tend to be celebrities. Linsey Dawn McKenzie, for example, is well-known even among Brits who have never seen her naked. Susie Wilden has two brothers, and she told us, "My younger brother makes me walk on the other side of the road because they've all seen me in the magazines and they know who I am." Another thing that separates UK models is that they tend to use their real names rather than their stage names. So, Linsey Dawn McKenzie really is Linsey Dawn McKenzie. Kerry Marie's real first and middle names are Kerry Marie. And Susie Wilden is...Susie Wilden.

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1 Comment
981 days ago
wouldn't mind seeing more of her either
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