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Slim and stacked hottie cools off

Featuring: Sydney Simona
Duration: 23:12
Born May 20, Sydney is 114 pounds, and measures 40-24-34. She said she usually wears a 32F bra and likes to wear sexy clothing. "I do not like to wear bras most of the time. I wear a lot of tight stretch tops," Sydney told me in a video interview I did with her. Her voice is as sexy as her face and body. Sydney is 5'5", but she wears platform stripper heels that make her 5'10". "I like to wear little skirts, sexy heels, tight T-shirts, sundresses and hip-huggers." Sydney is into role-playing in the bedroom. "I like to play cop and bad girl games, doctor and nurse or doctor and patient. I like different things. I've kissed other girls, but I haven't gone all the way.

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