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Executive sweet

Featuring: Tori Karsin
Date: August 10th, 2017
Duration: 18:12
"I love to go to titty bars. I love to be in that type of atmosphere, listening to the music, watching the dancers performing, watching their effect on the guys. Sex is always in the air. It turns me on." So said Tori Karsin, a busty blonde from Houston, Texas, who made things very hot for a while in 2014 and is now making things hot again for SCORELAND2 members. In this scene, Tori is a corporate executive in a blouse that's open and showing a lot of cleavage and a little bit of bra. What is it about the mere sight of a little bit of bra that drives us boob lovers crazy? The other day, I was sitting a few rows behind a busty Latina who was showing a lot of cleavage in her tight top, but I was more interested in the bra tag hanging out of the back of her shirt. I was desperate to find out what that tag said, how big her bra was. Alas, I never found out. But back to Tori. She says she's a dirty girl.

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