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Hairdresser with hooters

Featuring Valory Irene
Date July 14th, 2016
Duration 18:39
Valory Irene is not a hair stylist, but the dude sitting in the chair doesn't seem to mind, not when he's getting an eyeful of her FF-cup naturals. Besides, he doesn't have much hair anyway, so what could go wrong? Before long, Valory stops what she's doing and gets down to doing what we want to see her doing. As for the guy, who knows where he went. I hope he left a decent tip. Female hairdressers are the best, aren't they? Female real estate agents, too. They have to be among the horniest women on Earth. They're always dressing to show off their tits. I once had a hairdresser who practically straddled my lap while she was giving me a haircut. I had another one, a MILF, who never wore a bra and always bent over me, nipples hard and pointing. The realtors are just as good.

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