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Big-boob car wash

Featuring: Vee VonSweets
Date: July 12th, 2017
Duration: 09:17
Slim-and-stacked brunette Vee VonSweets, a hot-body from North Carolina by way of New Jersey, washes an SUV, wetting down her own sleek chassis in the process. Then she hits the showers. Vee's wearing the all-time perfect outfit for washing a car. In fact, it's the all-time perfect outfit for any occasion: a tight, white, chopped wifebeater that shows lots of under-cleavage, cut-off denim shorts and high heels. Vee only posed a few times at SCORE. A webcam girl, she has a lot of sex appeal and has a very good bikini body. "I get attention," Vee said. "But I think in North Carolina, a lot of people are polite compared to where I've been before, so I get attention but it's not the same kind. Maybe somewhere else people would come straight up to me and talk to me or whistle, but where I am, it's not like that." .

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