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Big boobs & creampies

Featuring: Vicky Soleil and Tom Holland
Date: November 24th, 2016
Duration: 23:25
One of the first porn mags I looked at is one I still remember. The entire mag was a sequence of black & white photos of a woman getting fucked by a plumber in the kitchen. She wasn't wearing an apron like Vicky Soleil is wearing in this scene, which replicates the plumber scenario. I definitely remember one photo of the plumber on his back under the sink cabinet, and the woman standing next to him so he can stare up her skirt. That's basically duplicated here. So the moral of this story is that the more things change, the more they stay the same. It's always interesting how porn cliches continue from decade to decade and how newcomers to shooting porn come up with scenes an earlier generation milked the shit out of, too. The plumber and the woman at home is a real touchstone in porn. It would sometimes get updated to the cable guy or basically anything with a repairman in a woman's home. I remember an air conditioning repairman scene that was drawn from the same porn well.

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