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Anal Africa

Before Africa returned with gigantic boobs and more to love for, she was slim and stacked with pendulous tits. This scene was shot in a nightclub.

This is the perfect Africa Sexxx video because it presents her as the person she really is: a nice, laid back, personable girl-next-door who just happens to have a very high sex drive.

I can see what happens in this video happening with Africa in real life: She's a barmaid who approaches a guy in a bar and strikes up a conversation with him. She doesn't talk him up. To me, the term "talk him up" implies that the person is being fake or trying to get something from the other person. But Africa is just having a friendly conversation with the guy, trying to get to know him better, even being a little flirty.

Before long, he has her big naturals in his mouth, and then she has his cock in her mouth and then they're fucking, and he's even fucking her ass. Africa proves that hot, sexy, busty girls can be girls-next-door, too.

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Featuring: Africa Sexxx and J.T.
Date: August 8th, 2023
Duration: 21:12

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