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Alexia Moore - Solo Big Tits video
The first time I met Alexia Moore and her breast friend Danielle Derek was in 2005, and I've been wracking my brain trying to remember if I thought, at first sight, that Danielle was going to become the big-time, ass-fucked, raunchy porn star that she would become. I remember her being very horny that first time and talking about how much she loved big tits and big cocks, but I guess I couldn't have imagined she'd go on to become a superstar.

Alexia Moore, on the other hand...I had a pretty good idea about her. Danielle liked to be licked and fucked everywhere. Alexia prefered being licked and fucked in her ass. That's right, her ass. And although I remember Danielle being a lot hornier than Alexia, at least outwardly, I just took a look at my video interview with the two girls, and this is what I heard:

SCORE: What do guys like to do with you, Alexia?

Alexia: Well, a lot of guys pick me up, and they think they can throw me around the bed, which is good. It adds to…

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Man, Alexia was great. I wish she had done hardcore. She would have been great. Please come back.

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