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Driving Miss Silver

Featuring: Alexis Silver and Levi Cash
Date: October 4th, 2017
Duration: 27:04
To some girls, "slut" is an insult. To Alexis Silver, it's a badge of honor. She was discovered by our crew in London, England and quickly became one of the hottest, raunchiest and, yes, sluttiest porn stars in the world. I remember one day, I was standing outside the SCORE office with Alexis. At the time, she was a smoker (she would later kick the habit, a fortuitous move because she gained weight and it all went to her tits), and she was taking a break from the day's shoots. So she's standing outside in her short shorts and a low-cut top, and my eyes are just about popping out of my head (because she's one of my favorites), and I get around to asking her why she got into porn. "Because I'm a slut," she said in her sexy British accent (she was born in Massachusetts and moved to England when she was three). "And I'm lazy." "Lazy?" I said. I didn't think I needed to question the "slut" part. "Yeah," she said.

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