Alice: ass-fucked in boner land

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Alice: ass-fucked in boner land

"Every guy I meet says he loves my tits and wants to play with them," Russian bra-buster Alice Wayne said. "A man who enjoys sucking on tits is my kind of man. He has to give them a lot of attention with his mouth and hands if he wants to get anywhere with me."

The guy in this scene definitely enjoys sucking on Alice's big naturals. He also enjoys eating her pussy and her ass, and in the end, Alice gets it in the end: her ass filled with his big cock.

"When I am shooting, I am excited by the camera, especially when it is very close to my pussy," she said. "It makes me feel like a bad girl. That I should not be doing this. That is the exciting part."

In this scene, Alice is a schoolgirl who wants Falco to cut class and hang out with her. He insists they have to go to school. She won't take no for an answer, so she climbs all over him like a lap dancer. She shoves her tits in his face, telling him to suck her nipples. Suddenly, Falco has forgotten about going to school. His lesson… Read More »
Featuring: Alice Wayne and Falco White
Date: December 31st, 2020
Duration: 24:59

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