Alice Wayne bounces, exercises and squirts

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Alice Wayne bounces, exercises and squirts

Slim 'n' stacked Russian hottie Alice Wayne used to work at a call center. In my opinion, that is not a job for a babe like her. For one thing, Alice probably spent her days getting yelled at by angry customers. For another, a babe like her needs to be seen. Her assets are visual. She needs a job in which she's right out front, in full view of everyone. Showing off her body and fucking hung studs for SCORE is such a job, if you want to call it a job, which it isn't.

"I want to get fucked as often as I can," Alice told us. "I love sex almost every day. That is one reason why I became a porn star."

In this video, Alice is working out in a way that most girls do not. You see, there's a dildo attached to her bounce ball, and Alice slides that dildo inside her pussy and bounces on it. Near the end of the video, she spreads her legs, two-fingers her pussy and squirts. A lot.

Call center? Jeez.

"Every guy I meet says he loves my tits and wants to play with them," Alice said. "A man who… Read More »
Featuring: Alice Wayne
Date: May 11th, 2021
Duration: 21:16

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