A very nice girl fingers her cunt

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A very nice girl fingers her cunt

"I like to tease," said Alice Wayne, a Russian cutie who was living in Budapest, Hungary, when we shot her. "I like to make guys look at me and get hot. The fitness center is a good place to do that. I train slow and make eye contact. I lick my lips."

Alice does a little bit of everything in this solo video. She licks her lips. She makes eye contact with you. She self-sucks her tits and fingers her pussy. The guy who shot this video told us, "She's a very nice girl." I'm sure she is. She's a very nice girl to jack off to.

As Elliot wrote on SCORELAND, "Alice used to work at a call-center, a job that is anything but exciting and fun for a young girl with a busty 21-year-old body flooded with hormones. So, Alice quit and now shows off her big tits and shaved pussy and has hot porn sex with pro-studs."

"I like to masturbate," Alice said. "I have sex more than masturbation. When I masturbate, I think about having sex or about a shooting I did. Sometimes I have fantasies. I think about… Read More »
Featuring: Alice Wayne
Date: March 21st, 2022
Duration: 17:45

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