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The pool party

Pool cleaners, like plumbers and gardeners, get all the pussy they can handle. Truth.

Anastasia Lux watches Steve Q. cleaning the pool and wants his hose. She comes on strong. Steve doesn't need an engraved invitation to see that Anastasia is horny for the big boy.

Anastasia told me she likes a man to be rock-hard before she sucks his cock. "But not to the point where it's about to explode," Anastasia said. "I like to take it slowly, and a bit of roleplaying before we even start is good. When I put my hands on it and touch it, I like to feel it already hard.

"I love to feel a hard cock between my tits. I can actually do a blow job like that as well, get the dick right here in the middle and suck it. I like to have cum all over my huge boobs and on my face, in my mouth, and I have to say that I like watching it when the spunk comes out, so if it's right here between my boobs, I can see it and it's amazing, a beautiful thing.

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Featuring: Anastasia Lux and Steve Q
Date: January 3rd, 2022
Duration: 22:56

Member Comments

Anastasia is not a big woman, is a great, thee most great woman.

love this chick so energized

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