Angel's first sex video

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Angel's first sex video

Some girls naturally radiate an extreme sexuality that guys can sense. They have a high-powered sex engine revving inside them like the eight-cylinder engine under a Maserati's hood. That's the feeling Angel Gee gave off when I met her for the first time. Girls don't become nude models and strippers because their sex drives are in neutral. They have something inside them that compels them. It can't be faked.

Sure, Angel's supersized tits, her traffic-stopping, stacked rack, the sexy outfit and skyscraper heels were the first tip-offs to me that Angel is a very horny girl. Women don't get bigger boobs to be ignored. Listening to Angel and picking up on her baby-doll style and personality, and seeing how she interacted with the cameramen, confirmed my first impression.

The first time Angel visited SCORE, she exposed her extreme curves, spread her shaved slit and masturbated with buzzing buddies. Although she was an experienced stripper, photo-modeling in a studio was new to… Read More »

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Featuring: Angel Gee and J Mac
Date: June 17th, 2023
Duration: 21:09

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