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Heavenly hooters

Featuring: Angel Gee
Date: March 16th, 2018
Duration: 13:26
Angel Gee was originally referred to SCORE by a photographer. I talked to Angel about how she became a SCORE model. When she was here, things in the studio were too hectic for a formal video chat, so we connected by phone when she got home. "I heard about SCORE a long time ago from a photographer I used to know, and he tried to get me into the magazine, but I guess my boobs weren't big enough when he sent them in, so then I got bigger, and I found SCORE again on Craigslist," Angel told me. Angel was born in New Hampshire, danced in Massachusetts at places called The Lion's Den and Tens Show Club and was living in Tennessee when she shot this scene. She always sounded to me like a Southern girl. Angel was always interested in knowing when her pictures and videos were going to appear in the magazine and on the Web. Some girls shoot for everyone, but Angel only shot for SCORE. Angel really enjoyed showing her big tits and shaved, pierced pussy to the guys in clubs, and that made her a natural for photos and videos. She's one of those girls who loves being looked at and making guys hang their tongues out like cartoon wolves.

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November 30, 2015
Oh Angle, You are so red hot sexy with that amazing body that you make my man tool love dick so hard I want to put my dick in you instead of that dildo and fuck you to extacy.

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