Officer Angelina on the boob beat

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Officer Angelina on the boob beat

When this scene opens, Carlos is in a public restroom jacking furiously to a big-tit mag. One of ours, of course. He's just about to shoot his load when Officer Angelina Verdi, big tits pouring out, looking like she belongs in that magazine, catches him. Man, this guy's in trouble, right?

"Freeze, pervert!" she tells him. She takes a look at his magazine. "Oh, you like big tits, do you?"

Yeah, he does. Is that a crime? Guess it is because she handcuffs him and takes him down to the station house and tells her sergeant she's going to handle this perpetrator herself.

"Perverts like you shouldn't be jacking off in a corner," she tells him. "They should be fucking big-titted sluts like me."

Now the dude really has his back against the wall. What's he going to say? He can't run away. That would be a crime: resisting cunt.

So Officer Verdi sucks his cock and the dude fucks her on the desk. Which just goes to show you that if you ever get caught choking your chicken in a public… Read More »
Featuring: Angelina Verdi and Carlos Rios
Date: October 28th, 2022
Duration: 22:56

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