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Annellise Croft, nipple star

Featuring: Annellise Croft
Date: October 25th, 2017
Duration: 17:38
Annellise Croft is one of my favorite MILF models, and not just because she's a beautiful blonde with big tits and some of the longest, hardest nipples you'll ever see. Although those are all very good reasons. Annellise, who was 49 when this scene was shot and from England, is one of my favorites because she's very nice and a lot of fun to be around, and by "fun," I don't mean that I have fun looking at her big tits (although I do). I mean "fun" because she has a great attitude toward modeling and is such a regular person. "I was a little nervous the first time I posed," said Annellise, who's divorced, the mother of one and the grandmother of three. "My stomach was tied up a little bit. I just wanted to be good." She was good. Very good. So good that we kept bringing her back when she turned 50. She shot many scenes for us and even did anal.

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