I Think an Orgasm is a Little More Intense in My Ass

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I Think an Orgasm is a Little More Intense in My Ass

German celebrity and bra-annihilator Annina traveled with SCORE to the Caribbean to fuck in three hardcore videos (since 2005, foreign models can't legally shoot scenes within the States). We first met Annina in Berlin, Germany, and when she was vacationing in Miami, she dropped by the office to visit. Just to visit--because in a few days, Annina would be flying to The Bahamas to shoot this anal sex scene and two more scenes. This was after Annina's May '08 SCORE cover issue and another issue were distributed worldwide. I was asked to interview Annina. I know...tough job, right?

When Annina was brought over to my desk by the studio manager, I nearly fell out of my chair. It's a cliche but pictures do not do her justice. Francesco Scavullo and Richard Avedon could not have done Annina justice. She was dressed exactly as I imagined a chick like her would dress: in a tight, low-cut top, mini-skirt and sexy heels. Traffic stopping. She was sleek, very classy but not snobby, and very… Read More »
Featuring: Annina and J Mac
Date: April 28th, 2023
Duration: 25:34

Member Comments

Interesting that Annina has gone into mainstream media rather than taking the usual porn career path. Reminds me of the English actress Sally Rogers who achieved the almost unheard of victory of being cast in the British cop show "The Bill" in a serious role despite having a 36G bosom. The only unrealistic thing about the show was that none of the criminals she arrested ever said "Wow, what a pair of knockers. You can take down my particulars anytime!"


Elliot, when you interviewed Annina, you said it all, in that I'm sure pictures don't do her justice, and yes, she is a traffic stopper. Annina must be a truely unique lady as she mentions that she also likes anal sex and most gals seem to be closed on the subject of anal sex, not realizing that it can be pleasurable if one goes slowly and takes their time as it is just a different erotically speaking.Annina, like Score Group, I sure hope you come back now and again,you are very HOT and SEXY lady with stunning good looks.

Georgeus lady! Truly, truly amazing.

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