Ariane Saint-Amour's Latex Wonderland

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Ariane Saint-Amour's Latex Wonderland

"I like to read mangas and play video games," Ariane Saint-Amour said. "Or go boob hunting! I'm a really simple girl! I love to watch wrestling, I find it very entertaining."

A well-known fetish model and cosplayer from Montreal, Ariane is a super-stacked, ultra-slim Quebecoise. Her pussy and other body parts are pierced and she's heavily tattooed. Our team went to Canada to meet Ariane.

"I usually like to wear tight stuff, like a tank top or a V-line shaped dress. These puppies don't need a bra! Bras are mostly when I need to move around. Bouncing is fun and games but not when shopping.

"If there is a way to have sex in public without getting into trouble, I will try it. Public foreplay is a plus, even more if it's in front of his girlfriend. If a man wants to meet me, it's simple. He only needs to visit me at the strip club. A smile is the best and most sincere compliment." Read More »
Featuring: Ariane Saint-Amour
Date: October 3rd, 2022
Duration: 28:03

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