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Busty blonde fucks on first date

Featuring: Audee and Thomas Lee
Date: October 27th, 2017
Duration: 31:51
I thought Audee's easy-going style and all-around good looks made her girlfriend material. Nothing about her said, "Porn." "I have sex maybe twice a week," Audee said. "I don't care for long foreplay." A Czech, Audee wanted to try adult modeling before she turned 20 and she did. The X-Man Audee was paired with didn't give the blonde girl-next-door "long foreplay." He did give her boobs about five minutes of action and ate her pussy, like most Euro studs do, before she began eating his cock. "I love anal," Audee said. Many of these Euro girls start pretty early on the anal for some reason. From what I've read in different sex surveys, Eastern European girls in general start having sex earlier than North American girls. "When I was on top of Thomas, I got off him and asked him to fuck my ass," Audee said. "He gently put his cock in my ass and moved slowly. I turned around and did a doggie position so he could fuck my ass deeper.

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