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Fucking Barbie Kelley: better than Disney World!

Featuring: Barbie Kelley
Date: February 9th, 2018
Duration: 23:44
Reader's wife Barbie Kelley spoke with Elliot about this hardcore scene. Rocky was about to lose his load fucking you from behind so he pulled out to cum. The same thing happened to Tony DeSergio and Champ. Is there something about you in that position that makes your partners lose it? "It's all in the motion of the hips and figuring out what drives your partner crazy. When you figure it out...go with it!" We don't see the before and after moments of a scene. What do you and your partner do to get acquainted before the cameras roll? "Often there is ample time to get acquainted while the camera crew is setting up. Making out is always a good way to get started." How does being photographed having sex heighten your pleasure? "Getting all dolled up and slutty looking is a pleasure in itself. Personally, it is the thought that these photographs and videos will be seen by so many SCORE fans that sends me over the edge." What is the most-unusual position you've ever tried? "A 69 position while standing. The guy literally grabbed me by the waist and flipped me upside down, giving us both an interesting take on the classic 69." You're a hot wife. What is your definition of a hot wife? "A hot wife is a wife that has sex with the knowledge of her husband.

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